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Jesus Christ, anon, still acting like a bitchy bitch?
How embarrasing.

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>At the same time this kind of damage should be removed from enemies since it prevents player from approaching them at all during the whole length of their melee animation - the frames where enemies actually do melee damage need to be reduced to only a few frames near the impact/end of an attack.

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I'm completly out of touch of Doom representative figures on the internet, I just play and mod stuff; who is Graf? I've keep reading about him here since a few days ago but I don't know who is him, Google didn't gave me any useful results.
I don't want to start a eceleb drama shit here tho, even less on /vr/, so if it implies a shitfest here I can live without knowing him

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>it's a mod that makes the rocket launcher reload after every shot
>but it deals a bit more damage so it's okay!
No, no, no, no. The rocket launcher was originally made to suppress large amounts of enemies in a short time. A slight damage increase does not compensate for the removal if its biggest strength, and can in fact break a lot of maps.

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