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instead of using pastebin why aren't we making a page on the wiki for these hacks? http://vsrecommendedgames.wikia.com/wiki//v/%27s_Recommended_Games_Wiki

also the best hacks i've ever played:

Mario Kart R - all new tracks, very well designed, replaces koopa troopa with kirby

Dragoon X Omega and Dragoon X Omega II - can't believe these haven't been mentioned. hacks of dragon warrior 1 (US) and Final Fantasy (US) respectively. uses the engines to make brand new games, everything has been changed from enemies, maps, music, and visuals. a lot of ASM work was done in DXOII. best hacks for DW1 and Final Fantasy hands down.

Final Fantasy ++ - massive overhaul of final fantasy using graphics ripped straight from SNES final fantasy titles. looks really good on NES

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