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>The franchise that literally popularized momentum in platforming.
Momentum only came up for Mario after SMB3 and World, when you can slide on slopes. SMB1 and other Mario games before 3 didn't had slopes that helped you to get speed.

>The series has always been about good physics, ever since SMB1.
True, and it still does. It has been known that atleast for Mario they do acknowlegde how important is the physics for Mario. Galaxy and Galaxy 2, like what I said, still retains the basic system and engine of physics, just that it doesn't behave exactly like 64's engine.

>Probably for the Wii's toddler demographic.
Wrong. The wallkick mechanic first got changed in Sunshine, not Galaxy. It has nothing to do with Mario's demographic, especially when Mario was always targeted for everyone.

What do you mean? Did I say something that was confusing?

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