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I'm about to waste a lot of money on these two useless add-ons to create the ultimate monster known as the Sega Genesis CD 32x and I've got a few questions.
>What are the metal plates on the Sega CD for?
I see people selling the Sega CD (or Mega-CD) with and without these plates that go on the bottom of the Genesis. Some people say the plates are for RF shielding, others say they're just for stability. Do you need them?
>What's up with those extra cables you need for the 32x?
I own both a Sega Genesis model 1 and a PAL Sega Mega Drive model 1. In order to hook up the 32x properly, that fucking mushroom needs a Mega Drive 2 power supply, a Mega Drive 2 RGB SCART cable and then a cable which connects the 32x to another special cable which connects to the AV out and headphone jack on the Mega Drive. Sega never made that last cable, they only made a mono version which only connects to the AV out on the back, so you gotta make it yourself or buy it online. Is that it or did I miss something?
There's gotta be some good games out there other than Sonic CD, Snatcher and Knuckles Chaotix. What are your favorites?

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