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So what are some uncommon gameplay mechanics you'd want to see in Doom mods one day? Shit like picking up enemies or barrels and throwing them, wall jumps, breaking down doors, shit like that. It's always really exciting to me when gameplay mods introduce some new weird shit that's not seen often.

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Work hard and make something great then.
Though ultimately the validation of some other nerds in a thing that happens every year shouldn't matter, you should just make something you feel strongly about. Make something you love, and if it shows in your craft, then you'll turn heads.

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What'd you use to migrate/manipulate the partitions? Windows' included partition editor is shit
A live usb with Gparted has worked fine for me, so long as you can handle the fugly interface and some dd if need be

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>Specifically, McGee lives on a boat and spends time shitposting
Livin' the dream.

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hey did you guys hear about the Quakecast?


It's a new Quake-themed podcast. It should at least be in the news pastes

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I'm actually finishing up my Doom2 playthrough. I've already finished 1, TNT and fucking Plutonia (gave up and skipped 32).

I hate bleed and killer barrels so those are off, and generally had to be on the second or third difficulty, but it's all been a fun-as-hell blast. Early parts of TNT and Shores of Hell might've been my favorite. Beautiful mod, shit tons to do, way too fun, is the only other mod I can play for longer than an hour besides Smooth Doom.

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There are more Doom 4 gameplay mods than there are characters in the One Piece manga.

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>reminding me of Revenants
I just finished Doom II today and god damn did some of those revenant fights fuck me up. Seriously, the tracking on their fireballs are insane, following me around hard corners and shit. Revenants and Arch-viles produced more insane laughs out of me than anything else in the game outside of some of the level design.

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Fuck that, let's listen to queen

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>nerf this, motherfucker

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Oh fuck

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Post your favorite Samsara hero.

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party on

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Aaaaaaaaa! Though

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Cool, thanks.

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My god, GMOTA and Demonsteele are fucking amazing
I don't get why everyone is saying /vroom/ and the Doom community are so fucking awful, there's so much freaking sweet stuff being made all the time
Like seriously, probably the most productive gaming fanbase I know, and this game is 20 fucking years old holy shit

With that said, any good level packs recommendations for those two mods?

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How do you become a playtester?
Does being a playtester help you improve your mapping skills?

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My first map is even worse when it comes to being barren and like Wolf3D. All rooms were boxes.

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i get the feeling all /doom/ devs are our bros and consider our opinions and contributions, in addition to their own prerogatives

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>Doom Monster Girl Quest
>Doom guy just chainsawing every single monster girl
>Guts Alice the second he finds her
>Slaughters every yuppy religious faggot

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Like this one?
I feel like dumblr may have interfered with it...

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