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I thought you were kidding and watched a play-through: How the fuck did they think anyone would want to play a four hour beat-em-up?!


As much as we loved Game Boy, it did have some of the worst games ever made on it. I don't remember any of the Game Gear ports being as awful as some of the GB ones.

lmfao goddamn pawn store owners/employees are scum

What a fucking awful concept for a game. The racing looks abysmal and, while it isn't bad having 16-bit versions of classic rock (the paranoid one is decent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngua3njzHBY&list=PL0D14C7DA57D0790F&index=2) who the fuck thought that kids would give a shit about any of these songs?

Has anyone here played through Vortex? I saw the video for RACE DRIVIN and wonder what other 3-d games were absolutely awful for SNES and Genesis (also the shit Atari Jaguar games).


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They tried:

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