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>beat all the memories in the maze of memories
>unlock the final area
>fight the boss there, play conservatively with revive
>god damn that was hard thank goodness it's over
>2nd form
>fuck it, I earned my stripes on the first fight, lemme just speed up time and call it a day
>mfw it doesn't work

Long story short they proceeded to smack me. Seems they use blunt attacks and hypnosis which I can defend against but I don't have the dodge for pheromone and I'm on my final emperor. I wanna try looking for something to fight to dodge it but idk if it's worth the time. Does getting a black screen add wazas to your bank or does it need to be a true gen skip? I still have 1 more hero to fight so I know I can force at least 1 more black screen.

Also does anyone know a good place to spark at endgame? I'm fighting light dragons but haven't gotten much yet. My sword wazas are shit (my best single target is slice) so I really wanna get something better before I go back.

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>No memory card so I got there all in one go

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>cran-cherry juice
>what I assume is the DnD beat em up
>Rondo of Blood


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>finally add the simple combo shit
>it makes wielding the sword and fighting stuff in melee even better than before

why the fuck didn't I do this sooner?

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I need a hammy voice actor. Now.

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Holy shit

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