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>Dodongo's Cavern
>Majora's Mask

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Oh I definitely think nostalgia plays into it. But in addition to that, I think there's also an appreciation for its innovation. Playing it for the first time today, someone could easily just dismiss it as another slow-paced, story-heavy JRPG with emo characters. And they would be right.

But playing it for the first time in the 90s, I was blown away by the fact that characters actually had things to say other than "I'm the hero! You're the bad guys!". I was amazed that there were realistic twists and turns, betrayals, and sacrifices. Until this point, games that I had played, even RPGs, only contained the barest traces of plot and that plot usually just added up to the macho hero plunging his sword of light into the evil overlord's heart.

I had played FF4 as well, but that didn't convey emotion very well (partially due to halfassed translation). FF6 had a story and characters that grabbed me just as much as any television show, novel, or comic book. The PSX era would take this formula and run with it, spawning dozens of JRPGs with deep plots and interesting characters, but I personally see FF6 as the origin point of that trend.

Yeah, JRPGs existed before FF6 but I couldn't name one that really tried as hard to convey a sense of drama or emotion. Maybe a few in Japan, but even if we got them they usually had shit translations that totally butchered that aspect.

FF6 will always be a masterpiece to me because I see it as laying the foundation brick-by-brick for the contemporary JRPG. However, I can totally respect someone not liking it, especially if they're only playing it recently. It's nothing special in the grand scheme of things, and other games on the PSX would go on to completely eclipse it in both tone and story (stuff like FFT, Xenogears, Vagrant Story, etc).

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After only recently hearing about how shitty PAL N64s are, I'm wondering are there any other consoles with regions to avoid?

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