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Even though Crash does have plenty of side-scrolling sections, I still feel it should count, as at least half of each game is played in 3rd person.

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He's clearly Japanese. Show some respect, since this board and this site both exist thanks to his incomprehensible culture.

Also Sega CD FMVs are not crappy, but simple. There is a big difference that performance-hungry consumers never understood: you're more likely to get good games on simpler consoles, and creativity out of limitations. The Sega CD added enough storage and features to make Genesis games more rich audio-visually, but without significantly affecting actual game quality. When not misused to make crappy FMV movies the results were "Genesis++" games, which didn't upset the established industry, but allowed for a great library and access for both newcomers and veterans.

The Sega CD is what console industry should have been! A slow and steady increase in potential and quality without the extreme disruptions each console generation brought. 3D was 15 years too early and just lowered overall game quality massively, for instance.

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Crash Bandicoot is a timeless video game classic.

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Does Crash Bandicoot really need a remaster?

This is the first level, of the first game, from 1996, and it still looks very good. Honestly, it's not really very fair. Other games need a remaster more.

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Can anyone explain where the "PS1 has bad graphics" thing comes from?

This is the first level of the first Crash Bandicoot game, released in 1996. Notice how it looks better than any Nintendo 64, Sega Saturn, or PC game?

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I really really like these graphics.

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Crash Bandicoot 1 (1996) looks better than every single Nintendo 64 game.

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I never played it on the PSX, but I gave all 3 a shot on an emulator a couple of years ago.

I hated them all.

Contrast that with Mario 64, which I also never played until 2010. And it was awesome.

Although the 'look up at the light' level access wasn't obvious.


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Are we ever going to have a resurgence of platformer games?

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