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well, his hand as a whole is supposed to be slowly approaching camera view, as if about to grab something he's looking at inside the ship, or slowly backing his hand away in shock, retracting fingers in second thought. I do think it looks kinda awkward now since you've pointed that out though. There's no excusing that.

Thanks a lot for the help anon! I'll see about giving the rest of my stuff a more stylish look from now on following your advice.

as for the thicker lines/curves, yeah, those were (if only slighly noticeable) present in the first pic I posted, it's just that both the resolution and the image as a whole were too large for them to really stand out. That's a lesson learned for the long run, though!

May I ask what program/process did you use to scale down the image? Also, is automatically applying the palette in SLADE3 recommended, or should I go about doing so myself?

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