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Can someone brave make this to DECORATE or at least compile the list of frames? I have something in mind cool and I want to make it happen!

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whenever, wherever.

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Hell yea

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Despite the difficulties I've had and posted about playing TNT for the first time, I'm really starting to love this mod, I think even more than DOOM1. The atmosphere is just so good, and outside one or two maps so far the chaingunner use hasn't been nearly as bad as memed. They're plentiful but I think I'm starting to develop an eye for where they're likely to be and I can check for them without getting blindsided a lot of the time.
I just finished MAP13 and I think that's my favorite map so far, it was so diverse in architecture and enemies while still feeling tight. That room near the end threw me for a loop, where there are chaingunners straight forward when you open a door so you're tempted to run forward to one of the side hallways, where you find some Hell Knights blocking the way, and if you shot at anything you wake up a Revenant who sneaks behind you and sandwiches you between regular and homing projectiles, it really felt like a great trap room since you could have easily played in a different way and not gotten conned while the placement of the visible enemies goads you into making that mistake, while still being able to avoid all damage if you play well enough even if you fall for it like me. I love rooms like that, maybe I'm just thinking so highly of it because I got stuck on MAP11 with its mass of teleporting monsters for so long but this is great. I apologize if this comes off too much like blogging, if it's annoying I'll try to post only when I have a question about sections of a map, but the whole wad has been a great experience for me and greatly improved how I think about moving through a level and dealing with different groups of enemies.

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Yeah dood, dancing

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>you have entered a secret area!

How do I turn this off? It really ruins the mood. And it's in every damn source port on the planet.

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I'm not much of a fan of Project Brutality as a whole(or BD for that matter), but I have to give it to them, fighting the zombie and imp type enemies is incredibly fun. They're still as weak as ever, but they make up for that by being more cunning, and dealing more damage. That's why I made this little mod for Project Brutality:

This mod replaces all enemies with zombies and imps. The only non-humanoid types you'll come across are the cyberdemons(who are replaced by cyber paladins) and masterminds(replaced by the overlord). This is bound to break whatever balance PB might have had but... meh, I don't care. It's fun.

>Download the zip file
>DO NOT extract it. Instead, change the extension to .pk3
>load it after Project Brutality
>rip and tear

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Have doom threads gone down in quality and speed?

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And this, my friends, was the first /doom/ thread ever in /vr/, well, not *quite* the very first one, but it was the one where most people posted when the board was made (literally minutes after).


A bit of backstory: We all moved from /vg/ when we got the news about /vr/ being made, we were in our 2nd /vg/ thread since some of us moved from /v/* and it took me really off-guard since I wasn't sure about where should I keep posting. But yeah, Doom catched on and made /vr/ its home in less than a week.

*: (Almost all of us came from /v/, really; the thing was that we were having frequent Doom threads in /v/ at the beginning of 2013 and I suddenly felt the urge of joining in and fixing that one "Recommended WADs" pic -though I ended up fucking it up real bad with unnecessary tryhardness, anyway; I'll fix it one day, pinky promise!- and one day someone told me people decided to create a Doom general at /vg/, we lasted like, what, week and a half in /vg/?)

I'll share more stuff later on, right now I need to sleep.

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I see; so, what would be the approach if I want that monster to behave exactly as he does when playing on -fast in normal play, and to retain that same behavior when playing on -fast, without making him act at 4x speed?

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this is getting out of control

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Isn't there already one? If there isn't, I'd be surprised.
Why would it need to be an enemy? You can make enemies target actors, IIRC.

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Got another poll for the WDI maps. if you pick other state which one in the thread

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server: "/vr/ serves eachother a balanced breakfast"
pass: vidya

running chex3 DM with chexskulltagpack

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>petting the pickies

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Hey, did that guy who anted to give use his top 5 porn games actually did it?

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they find other things to breed with
why do you think the doom marines were wiped out?

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