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File: 2.86 MB, 640x480, Blood is the best game ever and it's not even close.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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You can dodge hitscanners in Blood as well, contrary to what most people think. Not all the time but certainly much more than the average player seems to think, especially if you don't approach an area like a #yolo, run and gun retard. You don't play Blood that way. It's more about quick evasion and being ready to do it, intelligent approach, pop shots, using the right weapon, using them as effectively as possible (for ammo management) and enemy suppression.

In this webm Fanatics catch me completely off-guard and unload right in front of me but I still evade their bullets. I also do a secondary flare jump-shot to a bunch of them around the corner and they miss me as I do it.

I think hitscanners make gameplay much more interesting. If everything was just projectile shit it would be wayyy too easy and there would be far less variety. Actually from a gameplay perspective you're still essentially doing the same thing you do against projectiles - dodging shots usually via strafing back and forth - but you're doing it from a position of cover and the threat is enhanced than from much slower projectiles. I'm not really saying one is better than the other. A good shooter would have both projectiles and hitscanners.

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I don't play with BMouse. These webms are alll with vanilla Blood DOSBox. You just get used to it m8. Also bear in mind you don't really need perfect mouse aim owing to the auto-aim, so you shouldn't be worrying about your Y-axis apart from when you're aiming dynamite throws.

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Of course not. All these gameplay clips were from Well Done.

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