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>MGS4 must have poisoned your mind.
Funny that you should say that, cause I would argue it's the same for you, but for the opposite reasons. When MGS2 came out and the story ended up having so many loose plot threads, everyone wanted a sequel with Solid Snake chasing after Liquid Ocelot, while searching for Olga's child and figuring out the mystery of the Patriots. The problem is that the resolutions to these plot threads in MGS4 were so underwhelming and asinine, that the answers in most people's heads were probably more imaginative than what Kojima came up with. Kojima losing his co-writer from MGS1-3 probably explains why MGS4, PW and V turned out the way they did (pic related).

Even if MGS2 was the last Metal Gear game Kojima ended up directing, he probably would've wanted the series to continue under someone else's direction. MGS4 was almost going to be directed solely by Shuyo Murata before Kojima decided to become more involved.

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Metal Gear never really needed any prequels. MGS3 was a fun diversion for what it was, which was basically an excuse to have a Solid Snake expy and a gender-flipped Big Boss in a 1960s cold war setting and it was fine for a stand-alone story. But then they shoehorned the surviving cast from MGS3 into the story of MGS4 had them be the secret masterminds of everything that happened in MGS1 and 2 ruined all the previous games in retrospect.

PW and MGSV just added more complications to the timeline than they needed. I prefer to just think of them as part of a separate canon.

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