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What's better to use when playing N64 and Saturn games? The actual consoles, or emulators? I've tested a few N64 roms, and some run pretty well and smooth, while others have crappy graphic glitches. I've also tested a few Saturn isos a while back, and they still ran pretty well with almost no graphic or sound glitches. Both N64 and Saturn are pretty hard to emulate, and I want to know if it's better to play them as actual consoles, or on emulators depending on the games.

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If you were going to a party in the 90s and everyone wanted you to bring a console, would you bring a N64 with Mario Kart, Mario Party, and Super Smash Brothers, or a Sega Saturn with Sonic Jam?

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Which was the bigger fuck-up?

How could both Nintendo and Sega fuck up so badly and allow Sony to win?

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Which one has the most underwhelming library?

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Since the playstation is better than both which is better, the Saturn or the N64?

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So, we know both of this console have bad hardware.

But who is the worst?

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Bare with me: Let's just say that Sony never stepped into the ring to make game consoles, and we had Nintendo head to head against Sega again.

Without PS there to kick kill Sega and Nintendo, Who would come out on top?

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I think all reasonable people can agree that the PS1 is the best 5th gen system.

But what was second place?

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