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If it has an ant in jack you need a 3.5 mono to type f connector and use rf modulator on ch 3/4. If it has an a/v in it will be a 3.5mm stereo with composite on one leg and mono audio on the other.


I'm 34 and live with my grandma, thank you very much

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I've got real hardware too.

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if they have a/v in its optimal, if they have ext. ant. its doable.

You need a stereo female rca to stereo 3.5mm cable for a/v input. on mine white was video and red was mono audio

if it only has ext. ant. input you need a type f to 3.5mm adapter and a rf modulator.

If you're buying a new pocket tv make sure its a tft display and at least 2.5".

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There is nothing wrong with what is and isn't allowed here. As someone who loves gen 6 we don't need it here and should never allow it. Hell I question if allowing DC is even something we should do.

What we really need is fucking moderation here. Being plagued with 10 "snes vs genesis" or "Anyone else hate earthbound?" threads is unacceptable. I understand mods can't constantly be here, with a board as slow as we are you have to accept that some shitpost threads might be up for a few hours or even a day. Where I draw the line is an obvious shitpost thread staying up for days AND getting actual replies. Its disgusting.

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I modded the original belt clip battery pack with a rc car battery and it can power the genesis 2 for a whilet. If you had a backpack you could totally play it on the go. the tv tuner is a power hog though, don't expect anything resembling battery life with it running.

What about making a pcb that fit onto the nomad like a powerback on the game gear and a wearable cd drive ala' diskman with a communication cable?
how about them apples?
i like your style. how about a super grafx or pcfx?

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works well enough. gonna get a better active matrix screen and make a 3D printed faux mini crt tv and NES case Rpi.

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