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I can see that, but the problem for me is that the "tactics" is really just two things:
1. If you open a door and there's an enemy, close the door.
2. If you turn a corner and there's an enemy, go back behind the corner.

Then just play peekaboo until they're dead. Along with an arsenal that doesn't have any tactical depth (Chaingun > MG > Pistol > Knife), it just gets old fast for me.

>>3495389 implies another point: you move so fucking fast that it seems a little silly to end up just popping back and forth behind walls and doors.

This isn't /vr/, but I think Vlambeer's Gun Godz was a really good way to build on Wolf's qualities and strengths. It still has the boxy corridors, secrets, and mostly hitscan weapons and enemies, but the levels are way shorter and the player is graded on killing every enemy, finding every item, and beating the par time. It essentially converts the simple mechanics into a furious arcade-like experience, and I think that better suits Wolf than long winding mazes.

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