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I see some anon decided to use my rips.

Note that they are 1280x720 mostly for reference to their original position, as they are meant to be scaleable, and you'd need to reposition them depending on the rsolution you pick anyway.

Thing is, but ZDoom and GZDoom treat large weapon sprites incinsistently, sometimes resulting in line duplication within the sprite, so the end result ends up being anywhere between 5-10 pixels wider/taller than it should be, as well as botching the pixel accuracy of a sprite.

Cutting up the free space would solve the issue, but you'd need to reposition the gun back on its place.

Right there in the thread should be a simple ImageMagick command to resize and cut them en-masse. Also there is a link to Doomworld thread with another command that should generate you a TEXTURES file with proper offsets. I do not know how tou make it write offsets into the file itself, like SLADE does (if anyone knows, please do tell)

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