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Talking about Aliens, do you guys think this would fit an Aliens wad?
I'm still not sure what music to put on it.


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I already found some problems with some of the last minute changes I made + some stuff I forgot to do.

>pump action shotgun uses the other shotguns firing sounds even though I had a sound prepared to use
>praetorian is too fast,needs a little more HP
>predator needs a little more HP and maybe some AI changes. currently marine and droid groups take them out too consistently
after some fiddling I can say giving them the +ALWAYSFAST and +MISSILEEVENMORE flags give them a good fighting chance and it also makes them more effective against alien groups. Seeing them drop three or four aliens with the plasma caster from afar before they even get near him is very cool.
>commando starts with unloaded pistol and a mag and a half instead of a loaded mag and an extra one

>give commando a pump-action shotgun as bonus starting weapon? and for smartgunner give extra ammo or something like that maybe?
>additional starting primary and sidearm magazine for everyone to account for rarer ammo spawns?
>5 starting grenades instead of 3?
>1 starting turret for everyone instead of only commando? No turret for anyone?

What else? Any ideas?

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