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Had a weird thing happen earlier today where I couldn't reset the N64 after a 2 hour gaming session in order to save. Using a v5. I literally spammed the shit out of the reset button and nothing, the damn game kept chugging along. First time the console's ever behaved like this. Had to turn it off regular, and as expected my save file wasn't updated.

Is this a known issue? Afterwards I popped the Everdrive out and it felt warm to me and so did the console around the ram expansion area in front (but after 2 hours that's probably normal right?). Popped it back in and tried a different game real quick and reset was working again.

Fucking weird.

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A common critique I see of the 5th generation I see is that the transition to 3D ruined a lot of great 2D franchises, often killing them. Apart from some stinkers in series that were getting tired like Earthworm Jim, what game series did the 5th generation kill? What was so bad about the 3D installments?

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This is gonna sound kind of weird but here we go. The graphics on the PSX just feel impressive to me, like its not supposed to run on its hardware and having a stable game engine is a feat. It gives me the same feeling as running DOOM on a coffee maker or smart watch.

I know this doesn't sound like a compliment, but it is.

What makes it even better is the last crop of games that came out that utilize the whole spread of features available. Almost every game has design choices that feel deliberate and thought out. Its like the opposite of a unity asset flip where shit just turns out how it does.

Not bashing the competition either, N64 and Saturn are charming in their own way.

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why does everyone on /v/ suck nintendo's cock so much?

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>strawmanning this hard
no I just want one exclusive game with tons of replayability. Something like NiGHTS, panzer dragoon, or even virtual-on (not the shitty DC version)

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oh, sorry. I really like pink neon, that sign in the quoted image is cool. was wondering if it was a vidgame

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but who did 3D the best?

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thanks for your help and consideration anon

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both have their ups and downs

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saturn couldn't do triangles right

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