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You know, I've been here (4hcan) for years and I'd have to say you're right, it's pretty damn good here on /vr/.

While I have not been there in ages /tg/ was pretty good last I was there too. They even have their own wiki, it's like minded guys talking about things they like and sharing in that while improving on it all.

I think the strongest thing /vr/ has in it's favor is we're all anonymous (unless we use tripcodes) so there's way less drama, it's just the exchange of ideas.

For all we know those of us who have argued/disagreed with others sometimes may find we later agree with the same anonymous person over something else, so we can have exchanges of ideas really quickly and say what we think. There is no "oh this is the guy that thinks [x]", it's just ideas taken as they are.

It seems like a small detail but it's huge I think. I think too that we have more and more names from the community coming through here (sometimes anon, sometimes tripcodes) so we're all good bedfellows really.

>I'm the guy that put up that texture request, just for the sake of background

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