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I might just be just out of touch, I guess.

I recognize that to someone who stuck with the series over the years these changes may feel like some genuine, big improvements (especially since they handle the gameplay so conservatively to begin with). I never played through anything beyond Gen 2 because I felt like they just kept shoveling out new ugly Pokemans so you could catch them allâ„¢. Maybe it's because I subconsciously feel my memories of Gen 1 devaluated as the original 151 now make up only a fraction of the pantheon in newer Gens, whereas they used to be all there was (and to my emotionally biased heart, they still are). Observing the development of the games from the outside from that point on may only have furthered my prejudices, I guess the games simply did not develop the way I hoped they would. I must be getting old.

I mean, the games still sell really well and you're not the only one who is still with the franchise, so Nintendo/Gamefreak must be on about something. Probably the fans would have shunned an entry that deviated too much from what they were used to...

Ah, well. There's no harm in people being happy with their product and having fun playing. Carry on.

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>I'm old faggot shocker, pal.
>No, you are too simple minded to learn them

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