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So, how do I get DOOM II on Steam to run with the overlay?

Tried following this guide: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=351474657

But it appears to be outdated, as appdata.vdf gets deleted and re-made when I run Steam again.

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>Weapon switch times
Be smart about which gun to approach a situation with. Most games have a delay between drawing and shooting, besides Quake. Not a bad thing in itself.

>Pistol feels terrible
Wolfenstein heritage showing, weapon-based progression. Having a good gun right off the bat would make getting the sg/cg less exciting, and early fights less of a desperate rush.

Fits into Doom's bill just fine, personally. Guns generally encourage getting closer and risk damage, but despite the tap fire being accidental it works out since it's slower to kill than the ssg and up anyway. Personally, I feel Doom 2 fucked its role a bit: the chaingun does more damage than the shotgun but with a smaller ammo pool. Then the SSG comes along and takes that niche away, but still retains a light rapid fire role. It reliably keeps high pain chance monsters from attacking back where they might if you used a sg or ssg.

>Some monster health too high
Thankfully even they addressed this with the hell knight. Doom 64 goes futher and fixes most monsters I can think of, with more unique arachnotrons, weaker but more annoying lost souls, etc.

Cacodemons have 400 health, and were always meant to be tough. Granted, it's only give or take 40 bullets.

Spice it up with UV -fast once in a while if you think the monsters are too slow, maybe.

Fault of map, not of concept. Then again, I've seen some people so clueless I wonder how they don't get lost in their own house.

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This thing is fucking old though, it's from like 2009, there's a thin layer of dust and grime under the keys of the keyboard (one key is even broken off, I need to replace that one), the spec-label is peeling off, screen isn't the cleanest (though that's actually not hard to fix).

Having a cooling plate helps a good bit in keeping temperature more level, as well, it provides a standoff distance between a warm laptop and your balls.

I've used up most of the ~500GB harddrive, most of it porn (I should clear out some stuff though).

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