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The more I think about it the less different it actually seems.
Zeromus, upon defeating Cecil, Rosa, Kain, Rydia and Edge would probably pick a new host to control and then try and find some way to inspire war between nations or between Lunarians and Humans.

The chosen host doesn't really seem to matter, maybe it'd shape their specific method of control and warfare? But say if Zeromus chose Cid or Yang as the next blue-boys to wage his Hate Campaign they'd probably just use their given devices/military to keep a war burning between neighboring nations. I do kind of like the idea of a Blued character running around with a new unique set of Hate Enhanced powers to challenge the world.

Oh, I suppose a Zeromus + Rydia combo would be pretty strong. She could potentially start shit between Humans, Lunarians and Aeon, Esper, Eidolion(sp?) god beings all at the same time. She's also the one character with probably the most potential for some deep seated Hatred considering she watched her mother fucking die and her village burn right at the start of the game. Though maybe an Evil Blue Edward would be unstoppable?

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I'd argue that the end result: Having a playable FF card game of sorts would justify gutting the odd Combat Resolution mechanic for something more table friendly.

Taking out 10~16 and making it a 0~9 roll under, lowest number wins wouldn't cripple the spirit of the game.

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