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Rabbits are amazing.

I get why Doomguy is so pissed at the demons.

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Thanks a lot familia

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Here's Doomguy having fun with Daisy.

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There aren't nearly enough Doomguy + Daisy fanarts.

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Not even 4 minutes cropping the bunny picture and reverse-image searching for the original.

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The thing is I've seen people like that in groups I've been in before and it's hard to make friends with them (because their personalities can be naturally stony) so the least I do is be nice and responsive to them when they talk or do things. So maybe they can't make friends but they at least don't feel like people dislike them.

The downside is if they actually are autistic or something like that you will have to listen to them talk about something for 20 minutes because you're the first person other than their parents they've spoken to.
I think it's because I remember seeing people like this in high school and not really knowing what to do with them, only later realizing they'd probably just want somebody to talk to them without rebuking them for a few minutes. Sometimes people just need a bit of positive affirmation and it does wonders for their confidence and if we all do that with one another sometimes, then we'll all be better off.

Ironically, I'm /pol/ with the best of them.

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The Underhalls remix map should be ready to test in a few days, the areas that I'll be changing a lot are in low detail so only the "flow" of them is being tested, lest I spend heaps of time making an area in high detail that players think is crap so I'd have to change it.

I've been scratching my head at 1 area especially deciding what the hell to do with it because while I like the way the encounter plays, it looks like poo.

The level is also only about 40% finished so bear that in mind if and when you test it.

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E4 isn't canon at all anyway, but I like the idea of Doomguy having a soft spot for lagomorphs.

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Nah, it's just another officially released collection of levels for Doom2. By the way, I recommend you to check ALL the commercially released Doom wads. They're Doom, Doom 2, Plutonia Experiment and TNT Evilution (these two also can be called Final Doom), Master levels, Perdition Gate and Hell to Pay (I recommend ripping out all the enemy sprites and sounds from the wad while playing the latter). Also, check No Rest for the Living.

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So its obvious that Doomguy likes bunnies.

Do you think he likes cats?
What about dogs? Would make since, as dogs are marines best friend. Then again, I'm sure his ancestor BJ Blackowicz probably didn't care for dogs much, and maybe that runs in the family.

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