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I haven't seen one in a while, so let's talk about beat 'em up. Favorite games, favorite soundtracks, underrated games, recent 1cc's etc.

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for MAME

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>That's fine. If 99% of the market isn't willing then that's not fine.
As the other anon said, your opinion of whether it's "fine" or not to sell retro games and merch at "artificially inflated" prices doesn't matter. If people are willing to buy Earthbound, or Super Mario Bros NES for that matter, at $100 a cart, then the price IS set at $100 dollars.

Lets say a listing for SMB goes up. $100.
Doesn't sell the first time. Lister puts it up again. No takers. No takers for the next seven times. But on the tenth time, someone buys it at $100. It doesn't matter that it wasn't purchased the first ten times at $100, all that matters is it was purchased at $100. The market "value" of SMB is now $100.

It doesn't matter that it's unfair. It doesn't matter that you think it's bullshit, or that you think SMB is only "worth" x amount of money. What determines it's value of money is the avg of the amount it's bought at. And then you must consider that eBay essentially is a self-contained market. Though it's (technically) possible to find SMB at a flea market for $1 doesn't make the market value on ebay of SMB drop by half.
On eBay SMB is worth $100, at flea markets it's worth $1. Good luck finding that $1 game, too. There are hardly any grandmas selling their grown up son's old games anymore.

The thing is there is literally no "fair" or "real" value for old video games.

The thing is retro games have no standard value. They have no intrinsic worth, they have no value outside of what they subjectively mean to collectors. So what is a copy of Super Mario Bros. "worth"? Your guess is as good as mine, but saying it's worth $10 because you posit that as a 'fair' price for the game isn't any more legitimate than a reseller putting it up on ebay for $100. I'm more inclined to see the value of a particular game as what the the market determines it is worth, and that's by what it's sold at.

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What's the best emulator that allows you to play beat-'em-ups (or any other arcade game for that matter) with an online buddy?

Also, beat-'em-ups general thread.

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Lots and lots of fun for 2 - 4 players!

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In my town in Mexico,some local had a home-made 6 player machine and it had various beat em ups[most of the games from pic related and others i dont remember] and most people always tried to 1cc games,because well..we porr as fuck. Everyone had fun with that machine playing Turtles in Time

I remember i became a hero because i 1cc Metal Slug 3[on top of that,it was in level 8 difficulty]

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Hey nigs,do you like kick ass?
>if yes
Do you like kick a lot of ass?
>if yes
then you choosed the best thread to discuss Beat 'em ups

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i have a reason to post this pic

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y halo ther

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