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PSIO is a big piece of shit with a tons of problems and issues.

The world need a REAL ODE that just works on all Playstation 1 consoles family with no soldering and it can be bought by people anytime they want.

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>the early Playstation models had poor disc drives that would fuck up over use too. My original fat PS1 (the "audiophile" one) only lasted until 1999.
let's not forget the other way sony screwed early adopters

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Good question! There are even differences in that game running on early and later revisions of true PS1 hardware.

So, there are basically three positions you might have

>I want the game to run as "authentically" as particle
Play it on a real PS1 (maybe even one from the era the game saw its release)

>I want the game to run as "good" as possible
Play it on a modern highly advanced emulator capable of controlling any and all of its functions including the afine mapping which makes a huge difference

>I don't care
Then why bother discussing it?

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The better laser condition is down to a number of factors:

1. Metal parts used rather than being all plastic.
2. Relocation away from the hot power supply.
3. Automatic Gain Control used rather than manual adjustment on the 100x model.

Oh and there's the small matter of 24-bit vs 15-bit video output...

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Every dev had composite in mind since that was the standard video connection out of the box for consumers. They also have a VCR connected to record gameplay for testing. A lot of PSX games used fullscreen dithering. Thats how the gpu rendered the colors.

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>if you like vaseline smeared all over your screen
That's the N64's dither filtering. It's to reduce color banding. PS1 does exactly the same thing, except that older models of the console wouldn't dither filter textures so there would be banding.

N64's dither filter, however, goes a step further than PS1 by also attempting to filter out moiré patterns. Rayman 2 on N64 has an option allowing you to turn off the filter by setting video to "Sharp", so it's easily to see the moiré patterns the filter is trying to eliminate.

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