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Majority of the best-selling /vr/ games are easy games, games with an "easy" difficulty setting, and multiplayer games. Low difficulty has ALWAYS been what the majority prefers, all this shit about "these new people are fucking up my hobby and back in my day we loved difficulty!" is total bullshit. People on /vr/ like to think that the mainstream was playing Alien Soldier and Comix Zone, but the reality is that the mainstream was playing Mario and Sonic, both incredibly easy platformers, especially for their time.

Even difficult games like Contra that got popular were usually played as co-op or using cheats. There was a reason why cheat books and hint books sold, and it wasn't because the mainstream loved difficulty.

There will always be easy games and difficult games, and the easy ones will always be more popular.

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>Maybe I am being a nostalgiafag

Yes. Kids don't give a fuck and will like anything, so I don't give a fuck about what kind of entertainment they grow up with. You don't really appreciate entertainment until you're an adult and have developed your own tastes.

Slightly unrelated but it seems like many people in /vr/ don't really appreciate retro games for what they are, and only like them due to nostalgia.

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