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I like that he thought to put that in as a detail, but it swings too much and it's really distracting.
It would be better if it had a random momentum, like it usually only swings very little, barely noticeable, but sometimes swings a bit more, and sometimes even more.
I think it's cool that he's willing to make a detail like that just for realism but it's not implemented in the best way, I personally find it very distracting.

I also feel the need to point out that:
The belt for the minigun, while good looking, still seems not be an actual linked belt of ammunition but just cartridges magically held together. They're also for some reason very stiff.
Look at pic related, it's an M60, notice how the cartridges are all held together by links and the belt isn't stiff, it's loose like a chain and belted ammunition will pile up if you drop it on the ground.

For the belt to be in a stiff position like it is in the mod right now, it would have to be in an actual minigun style feed chute, and I wager that would drastically change reload animations.

Also, I like the rifle, but the front-sight post on the barrel might as well not be there because it doesn't align at all with the sight on the carry handle. For it to be make sense, either there needs to be a tall front-sight post on the barrel so that the sights align, or you'd delete the front-sight on the barrel entirely and instead put the front-sight on the front-part of the carry-handle, like on a 1980's style LaFrance Specialties shorty M16 conversion.

http://www.imfdb.org/images/8/80/LaFranceM16K223.jpg See how the regular front-sight post from the original M16 is entirely absent? Instead, there's a front sight mounted on the front of the carry handle. It would make for a short sight radius, but it's a pretty short weapon and it would be a relatively easy graphic alteration to make compared to a regular front sight.

Mark, if you're here, pay attention!

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