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>Pleasing aesthetics
It's a mixed bag, generally it's good and the sprites look awesome, but many of the backgrounds are really lazy.
>Fantastic level design
It's good, but there's better designed CV games, Rondo has a lot of dead ends that always seemed weird to me. It's more exploration based though so I can forgive it.
>Best bosses in the series
Only some of them, not all. But yeah, bosses are one of Rondo's strong points.
>Banging soundtrack
You can say this about most Castlevania games
>Controls hit the perfect spot between being too loose and too tight
Probably you're right, Rondo's controls are really good, some people don't like that you can move in mid-air though, but I don't mind it. I like Castlevania 1's rigidness, but I don't think it's a must for Castlevania games.
>Great replay value due to multiple characters and a shitton of alternate paths
True, the remake on PSP has even more replay value and more hidden shit to find, but honestly I feel like all classicvanias have great replayability, I love playing 1, 4 and Chronicles for score. My only gripe with Rondo is that it doesn't have a 2nd loop, and the game doesn't re-start automatically when you beat the game, also unskipable cutscenes.

I love Rondo, on my top 5 Castlevanias, but I can understand how some people might not understand the praise it gets.

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Rondo of Blood
SOTN, I liked the Vampire Hunter D movie from 1985 already, so SOTN felt like playing a game based on it within the Castlevania universe.
Simon, can't beat the OG. In all of its iterations except the new millennium one, Simon is not a redhead manga boy.
Paula Abghoul and Fred Askare is one of my absolute favorites boss fights in Castlevania. Some others I also really enjoy are Werewolf in Rondo and She-wolf in X68K, Princess of Moss, and of course Death fights, most of them.
Whip. Sub-weapon, depends on the situation, I'll be unoritinal and say cross.
I like the pretty ones, like the ball room from IV (which also works as a castle entrance stage), Versailles from Bloodlines, the doll house from X68K. I like the sort of decadent aristocracy vibe, fits Castlevania pretty well. Of course I also like most of the other areas like forests, dungeons, clocktoers, but elegant, castle-like rooms are my favorites. I also love the chapel from Rondo and the chapel from SOTN.
All of it, pretty much.

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Yes, if you make it to the right side on the upper path, you can find a giant heart

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Rondo is really not a hard game at all, at least for people experienced on Castlevania. I actually have a more difficult time trying to get through IV or Bloodlines without using continues than Rondo.
But yeah, Rondo is probably my most played Castlevania game, I play it to 100% completion over and over. It's just a nice, short game that is almost perfect.
Having it on PSP probably helps since I can play when I'm out or at the shitter.

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Would Rondo of Blood (the original) on PSP's dracula X chronicles count?

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