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who /Doom95/ here?
I refuse to change ports.

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What's your favorite bad source port?

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So I played a bit of Hell Revealed 2 with Doom95, I gotta say, Doom95 is an interesting way of playing vanilla Doom. I know it's outdated with stuff like Chocodoom and whatnot, but there's something about playing it with a source port from the mid 90s that makes it feel special. Probably the low as shit resolution. Wish it didn't fuck up MAP02's MIDI in Final Doom TNT, though. What is it with that MIDI file that makes it get fucked up all the time? I've never heard of any other original Doom MIDI having such issues.

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It's trying to run DOOM95. Gosh, I remember seeing that window a lot back then.

>monolith inc

hey that's the same monolith that went on to develop NOLF, FEAR, and Shogo!

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