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I beat pic related on an emulator, cause the snes cartridge I own is in french, and I don't speak that (germanfag here). It was better than I expected with very fun and simple gameplay. I loved to see where stuff from Illusion of Gaia and Terranigma came from. Now I'm ready for Granstream Saga to complete the series
>inb4 it's not part of the Soul Blazer series

Also beat Story of Thor/Beyond Oasis on my Mega Drive. I tried it before and hated it. I gave it a second chance and I still don't quite like it. The controls are way too clunky, there isn't much variety in terms of gameplay, everything is just run there and fight, go there and fight. There isn't much of a story either. I guess I expected more of an aRPG instead of a simple action adventure

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