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I simply cannot fathom why anybody would enjoy playing BloodCM when the original exists. To that end, I don't know why anyone would defend it either, especially when this person claims to have grown up with the real game (>implying). If he can't tell BloodCM is absolute wank, I can't help but to think this person is mentally deficient. That's not an 'ad hom'; that's backed up by actual coherent reasoning.

You don't have a single real argument. All you've done is attempt to call me an 'elitist', which really means absolutely nothing, even despite you starting this tirade by attempting a flawed elitist position over another poster. How many more non-arguments and vapid greentexts do you have for me?

If an 'elitist' is being able to tell a pile of dog shit when he sees one (AKA BloodCM), and doesn't want Blood's mechanics bastardized by more awful 'remakes', then sure I am an 'elitist'/'purist' -- even despite the fact that I play other FPS's with their source ports and have stated that BloodGDX has real potential. We're going in circles now, so please refer back to the rhetorical questions in this post >>4030650 and try to do some real soul searching with them.

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