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>Finish downloading the 12 gig Doom wad torrent
>Going through them and notice one called Robocop
>Get my hopes up because I fucking love Robocop like the stereotype of an autistic child loves Sonic
>The wad is absolute shit

I should have learned after Robocop 2 but I can't stop getting my hopes up for anything Robocop after the first movie. Oh well, anyone else have that 12 gig wad collection? How are you deciding which wads to play first?

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>Decide to rent WWF Wrestlemania for the PS1
>Get excited about playing the game on the way home
>Get home and run up my room
>Open the case up
>It's WWF Attitude in the Wrestlemania case

From that day on I learned to always check the case before we leave because my mom did not want to drive back to Total Video to get the right game.

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That chainsaw hurt my ears.

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