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Stable releases are so rare, and the problems I've had with devbuilds so infrequent, that if I were in charge of things I'd completely wax the stable builds system and add an auto-updater like what GZDoom Builder has. But that's just me and I know that's an unpopular opinion.

If an old mod is broken in a devbuild, then unless it's a very special circumstance (like Action Doom 2 abusing the software renderer like a prescription drug and not looking so hot in GL) then it's most likely a bug/regression and you should report it!

I made a quick DECORATE mod a while back that changes Stealth Monsters to use the Spectre effect instead of the dumb fading nonsense. Grab it here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/25843724/unstealth.wad

Fact, actually. It's in the bible. Look it up.

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