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Has anything actually bern said about removing the sillier aspects of the game for the remake?

Not even a FF fan but the enemies of FFVII are a fucking delight. Seeing these abominations of early 3d in modern hd excites me honestly. Just look at this guy and tell me you don't love it.

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Probably VII, though both look pretty interesting.

Although not a FF fan VII has some of my favorite monsters in all of gamings. I don't know if it was just them fucking around but for how cool and gritty the world is seeing all the silly, and some pretty scary, monsters running around is cool. Shit the "unknown" look scarier then stuff from RE or SH.

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I've never played it but I remember finding this article about how fucking insane and bizarre the enemies in FFVII are. It was some guy discussing all the weirdest ones. If anyone knows what I mean please link it, was a good read.

Like what the fuck even is this thing? Imagining this shit in hd is kinda spooky honestly.

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>tfw all the absolutely bat shit insane monsters are changed
Mostly excited just to see shit like the hell house, brain pod, and three unknown in HD honestly.

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I know how you feel, I felt the same way when I was younger. Grew out of pretty quick when I was 10 or so and now like it however.

You might enjoy the 3D Final Fantasy's more if the 2D style bothers you.

Additionally FF III and IV have 3D remakes for DS/PSP/iOS

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