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>Ignore the Kattfags because they are right and I am so wrong
>P-please ;_;
This is how pathetic you are. 2 is the best BoF game, or at least superior to 1 in every regard possible. Install the re-translation and XP/Zenny patches.

Pre-patched with re-translation ROM:

XP/Zenny patching utility:

P.S. Bleu/Deis is fucking shit waifu.

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Katt/Rinpoo Chuan - the best by far: young, sexy, fit, loyal, not lawful, banters about you periodically as well as makes useful remarks, not annoying, not obnoxious, doesn't drag you into her personal affairs, best gameplay wise. Long nails. Fucks like a tiger. Uses polearms. Transforms into a kicking vampire-cat-elf covered in jewelry.

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>merely pretending
Not even deep inside yourself you understand that Katt/Rinpoo and her fusion are the most attractive girls in the series, miles ahead of others, and feel jealous.

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This is my waifu, Rinpoo "Katt" Chuan.

I also found she's the most mechanically broken character in her own game. How fortunate - I didn't even like her for that in the first place and that I would be the one finding this after all that years of everyone not knowing anything.

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