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There is no best version. They all have their pros & cons. Just don't use the Director's Cut Dualshock version because they changed the musics and it's worse. Regular Director's Cut is good on a first play.

I recommend the Saturn version.

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Resident Evil took the concept of Alone In The Dark, yes, but it not only it improved it greatly, but it also brought a lot of its things to the table.

AITD had a very 'nerdy' theme, it was more of a literature geeks thing.

RE used a much more popular theme.
It came up with the 'survival horror' name, which is straight to the point, easy to understand, rather than "action-adventure game with a horror theme and survival gameplay mechanics". It's a very solid term for advertising.

The whole "play a movie" feel. This was already the case with AITD but in RE they really expanded, bet, on that and it works great. With the advance of CD format, this was when games were trying to be more like movies, RE wasn't the first, but they saw the "movie potential" games were starting to have before a lot others.

Compared to AITD, it also improved the controls, and made things more action oriented, in a very tight way. Combat was clunky in AITD, they got rid of it, and concentrated on guns. A start move, because on top of being a great survival horror, it can be a fun action game as well, which is something the AITD series tried with 2 and 3 but clearly failed at (and its other clones as well).

It also added different endings, different ways the story can unfold depending on the player's actions. Again that wasn't new, but the way RE did it was very effective, and again very influencial.

It also expanded on some gameplay mechanics to enhance the survival, like the whole inventory limit/deposit boxes thing.

Then on top of this, there is an excellent art direction, an excellent atmopshere.

And I'm just scratching the surface here. RE1 is a true masterpiece, and most of its clones, and even most of its sequels, failed to comprehend and reproduce everything that made it so great. Even RE2 for instance is missing a lot of things, and fails at others, even though it clearly tries to reproduce the formula 1 to 1.

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I don't know if it's still possible, but I know a few years back it was possible to play it on some Jap servers, but I never tried because I expected the connection to be terrible and because all the players but me would know the game by heart.

PC version, replace Leon model by Tyrant model.

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Resident Evil :

- The Tyrant in the lab only takes about 15-20 (depending on version) Beretta bullets to kill. That's right, all this time you saved Acid round and Magnum ammo for nothing. In the PC port of the game, and only in the PC port, there is even a hidden Beretta clip near the entrance door in a dark corner (not visible on screen but press the action button and you'll pick it up).
Enemies actually have a different reaction to each weapon, rather than having a system like "pistol deals 10 hp to all enemies, colt deals 50, etc".

- The spider boss in the tunnels: there are webs blocking the exit door. First of all, you don't have to kill the boss; but more importantly, the Spider's own spit will destroy the webs on the door. You can lure the spider to destroy the webs and then exit, only takes about 3 - 4 of its spit attack.

- Know the statue that you have to push down the dining room mezzanine ? You can safely knife zombies through it. Also works in REmake.

- The corridor where dogs jump through the window; once you come back to the mansion with Hunters everywhere, that corridor will have spiders. Standing in between the pieces of furniture, and they won't be able to hit you.

- In the outdoor court, elevators are safe zones where dogs can't hit you.

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>link cable

Hurr, it's DS, not game boy, you got my point.

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No.... A while ago I started tracking down isos of every version of every region of the game. I started looking up number of hits it takes to die and to kill a zombie with the Beretta by basing myself on the first zombie, and I saw differences not only depending on version but also on the region of that version (sometimes, sometimes not).

I had started taking note but I don't remember where they are. Besides, I didn't even have every version. Plus, this empirical way I was doing things is not good. For a serious comparison one would need to have access to the actual data somehow.

Besides, who knows what may differ from version to version. For instance, upon replaying the Saturn version recently due to this thread (go I love that costume I posted earlier, Chris looks so buffed and badass in it), SOME zombies seem to die more easily than others, and that could be different in other versions too, or perhaps they'd change which zombies die more easily, including the first one I was basing my comparison on.

Also, RE1's damage system doesn't work like in most games, or like in later games. It's not like "zombies have 100hp, Beretta does 10dmg, shotgun deals 60, etc", instead each enemy has a particular dmg set with each of the player's weapons; which explains why to kill the Tyrant in the lab, it only takes about 15 Beretta bullets versus about 10 Magnum rounds, whereas to kill a Hunter you need twice as much Beretta bullets than Magnum rounds.
My point being perhaps the Beretta damage against zombies got changed, but maybe not against other enemies, or with other weapons.

There are definitely balance changes I've experienced, but who knows what exactly.

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All of this is heavily centered around the police station and its link with Umbrella, from the corruption of Chief Irons, to the scientists of Umbrella (which Sherry is linked to), to Ben finding out about the conspiracy, etc Again it's very self centered to the police station and the lab.

While RE3 is more about hell in town and people's survival, or they way they dealt with the invasion.

RE3 has a lot going on. Whether it's through files you read, or people you witness (like the girl which gets eaten alive only a few seconds before you get there). For instance there is that guy at the beginning of the game holding the shotgun, who must have committed suicide, the reporter from the newspaper still investigating even when all hell is loose, the various Umbrella soldiers like the one at the clock tower who didn't follow orders and decided to protect civilians and who died for it, etc

For the first time, Resident Evil deals with topics that you expect from a zombie apocalypse and gets into random people's psychology, Dawn Of The Dead style.

>The only important thing about the games story is Brad Vickers death

Really? What about a wider range of Umbrella's involvement, and what about the entire ending? God, that ending is still the best in the series and probably my favourite moment in the entire franchise.

More important, I think this is advancing the plot in a right way, by expanding on what was missing from the previous titles, especially 2 which was just a disappointing cocktease after playing the demo hinting at the entire city's fate.
What I mean by "in the right way", it's "not like CV" which went global worldwide villain takes on the world bullshit.

>which could have been fulfilled by a news report
That's stupid, you could say the same about anything. You could very well not have RE2 happening and instead find a file summarizing what happened in the lab and police station. Same about anything.

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Mods for the PS1 version? Where?

I only know of mods for the PC version. >>2159784

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