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> when the Door is actually just a Wall

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Also im looking for a way to do Regeneration for the player but on a limited basis. Like when it comes to the poison headcrabs from HL2.

I think it would be a good way to imagine the player's armor has a medikit dispensor in their suit that helps repair some of the damage every time they're injured. Kinda like damage reduction but if they get torn the hell out of they will die quickly. So getting hit with an attack gives you a certain number of counters based on the amount of damage or damage dice it causes. And thats how much the suit will repair health loss for you... but it takes a little while before it will do it.

Also sorta like D&D 4th edition using the healing surges mechanic... getting a Medikit could just give you healing tokens so that it enables this Regeneration mechanic to start recovering lost health. Preventing you from getting instant healing from anything short of a soulsphere.

Im guessing this may have to use some kind of Zscript since you'd have to be tracking something global and applying the changes to a specific object (the player). No idea how to go about Zscripting though.

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