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Dragon Quest was inspired by Wizardry first and foremost. Ultima was secondary. Most importantly, the JRPG genre is directly descended from (i.e. inspired the games that followed) Dragon Quest II specifically and not Ultima or Wizardry.
For example, here's from Sakaguchi:
>Which is why I was shocked by the genius of Dragon Quest.
>Faced with these dire circumstances, and in light of the massive genius of Dragon Quest, I launched the Final Fantasy project.
>Naturally, when it comes to Dragon Quest I had a massive amount of respect for the game. I was personally a huge Akira Toriyama fan, and I read the Weekly Jump Magazines every week. A game designed by such a dream-team felt way out of my reach, which is why when I started the Final Fantasy project, I hoped to at least get somewhere close to Dragon Quest.

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