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What are your favorite N64 games /vr/? If it were me I would have to say Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

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I like this console. I have fun playing it. I always have, and I always will This board's constant barrage of hate against it is not going to change my mind. What do you have to say about that?

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>not liking jungle green N64
N64 is the most aesthetically-pleasing console ever made my dude. If you don't like green, pick a different color. This motherfucker is sleek.

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>cheap and affordable: check
>built like a tank: check
>perfect for local multiplayer: check
>convenient and easy to use: check
>amazing games: check
This is the Nintendo 64. The best console ever made. PC is a superior platform to every console, but as consoles go, this is the peak. It is everything a console should be. No load times, sturdy, easy to use, fun, cheap. No other console is as perfect as the N64. Fact.

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>got the best platformers
>got the best shooters
>got the best adventure games
>got the best racers
>got the best puzzlers
>got the best multiplayer games
>b-but muh cringe JRPGs with anime characters s-so none of that matters
Will PS1 kiddies ever stop worshipping the N64 BBC?

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I recently started playing with my RGB modded N64 again. But I've started to notice that after a while (15-30min) it freezes on some games.

One thing that I've also tried is playing with both the expansion pack and jumper pack. What I've noticed is that I can play for a longer period of time with the jumper pack, but it still freezes after a while.

Now I'm suspecting that the power supply might be the reason for the constanst freezing, so my question is this: has anybody had a similar experience with their N64 (especially if yours is RGB modded as well) and what did you do to fix it? Is it common for the N64 power supply to fail?

Both my expansion/jumper packs are official, same thing with my power supply.

FYI I've already cleaned the system thoroughly on the inside. I'd also like to add that I've got both regular cartridges and a flashcart. They've also been cleaned several times, since I first thought that my games were dirty. But the freezing still occurs.

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