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Just realized you pussies are underaged as fuck.
Here are some glorious highlights of Melee's best years: https://amp.reddit.com/r/SSBM/comments/2mnbwv/mtvs_true_life_im_a_gamer_featuring_killaor/
Melee was even televised on live TV.

Also Evo DOES still host melee tournaments and New York still have underground matches in Brooklyn and Manhattan for the BIG bucks.

Any other smash bros. is just a button smashing game for little kids and tasteless autistic adults that are just trying to be hip and cool just to relate to a younger demographic.

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Holy shit, playing Hideous Destructor I went into E2M9: Fortress of Mystery with my butthole extremely clenched, knowing I was going to start surrounded by barons and cacos and shit.

Turns out it was surprisingly doable. I underestimated just what a big difference a rocket launcher can make in HD.

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>press start to continue
>"presses A"
>game starts anyway

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Sweet, thanks for the demo. It's cool to see someone else play through your level. Your different play-style gave me a bunch of ideas on how to improve it.

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Posting some favorites


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Ok /vr/ I've been googling random terms for hours now but I can't find the name of the game.
>Text adventure
>pretty easy
>there was a part where a creature (possibly female) is stuck on a labyrinth
>she's wearing an astronaut suit
>there's no way out of the labyrinth because the corridors keep putting you on different rooms
>you need to unequip the suit and fly away
>it's never said you have wings

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Holy shit! A fellow Nipper fan! Him and Hondo from Action Half-life are my two favorite mappers of all time.

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