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The reason why they promoted the Saturn in Evangelion is because Sega was the very first sponsor Evangelion got. The EVA designs were too weird and companies like Bandai weren't sure if they would sell. Sega was the first company that invested in releasing toys, the very first Eva action figures that existed. Companies like Bandai and Kaiyodo jumped ship later when Eva was proven a hit.
The very first Eva video game was also released exclusively on Saturn.

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One if not the main reason Evangelion exists is because SEGA was its first and main sponsor during the original TV series run, including Death and Rebirth and The End of Evangelion (Sega's logo even appears on the opening credits).
Ban Dai and other merch companies jumped bandwagon later.
The first ever Evangelion video game was also made by Sega and released exclusively on Sega Saturn, one of the early Saturn titles from 1995. Not really a good game but it was the first time there was 3D models of the Evas, also features some new animated cutscenes with a new enemy (really crappy b-tier animation, not done by Gainax)

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Well, Evangelion has quite a few /vr/ games, and also SEGA was the very first sponsor for Evangelion, and the first to make Evangelion figures, as well as the first ones to make the first Eva video game (on Saturn).

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Are you guys aware at how important SEGA was to Evangelion?
They were their first sponsor, back when not even Ban Dai had feith Eva models would sell, SEGA released their classic line of Eva toys that actually became successful and made Ban Dai step into with the model kits, later on.
SEGA was always there, hell, even on the initial credits of EoE, the SEGA logo appears (probably the best ever Sega id ever)


You can say Sega saved anime.

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