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I'd say we could safely dock a couple of the new monsters. I dont remember any fatso variations though.
We could easily minus the acolyte guys, the humans who spoke lines from blood, died in about 2 bullets.

I'm making a WAD of my own that will have custom assets, though I'm keeping as many out as I can. The only time new monsters should come in (in my personal opinion) is if they fill a niche other monsters just cant, provide a different challenge or add to a theme.

Eg: The lion/baron variants with the shields are a good mixup of the theme as the shield adds to their danger and makes them tougher.

Overall though I like custom assets just because it helps add to themes and areas can be detailed out a lot more. I mean, imagine trying to make something like winters fury using only stock stuff.
Even Sunder uses custom assets in the form of textures (and music).

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