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I second the zdaemon guy. Looks like he was flagged and removed as usual when anyone mentions any port other then Zandronum on this board. *Sigh*
Zandronum is bad because the community is bad. It's annoying, childish and immature (my opinion). 99% of the mods they all play 24/7 are bad. No room left for good old multiplayer doom.

That's why we still cling to zdaemon, Nobody plays the good old stuff on zandronum unfortunately. Now on the other side of the fence, on zdaemon 99% of the time every populated server is old school. Join any one and you're playing old school multiplayer doom. (This is not opinion, just the truth).

I could stand skulltag but shit's gone too far with the ponies, chinese cartoons and megamans of zandronum. Now enjoy this post while it lasts as this will be flagged and removed due to the toxic reddit-like community in this doom /vr/ board.

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So are all of you Zandronum faggots or does anybody play a decent port?

Reposting because my last post was just ratted our then removed. I suspect most of you are zandronum faggots then. Well I guess I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up.

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