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Try harder.

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I agree. Its like the internet took a huge nosedive in terms of actual discussion. Its turned into shitposting and not even funnyposting. I remember when people who had actual autism did tons of research knew a lot about things that many others had missed in terms of detail and had these wild discussions about things even to the point of times making fun of themselves in deprecating humor. There was even the whole "fatlus" thing going around to laugh at their own autism over Persona and SMT. Now it's just spout same fag memes for attention and rearrange some lines. Sad times honestly.
> i still consider the modern problem we have on the internet to be much worse than what we've dealt in the past, as at least before you had to deal with a small number of individuals that could easily be shamed
They still can be, the issue is people need to make things like pic related and also an effort to thwart off phoneposting. Or make fun of the phoneposters.
>but nowadays you have a literal army of overconfident drones that cannot be stopped no matter the efforts, pollution everyone's mind and the whole internet with their unfunny shit and degenerate minds. It's frightening.
Not exactly, if more people keep making fun of them and start small animations then they will stop and get better material.

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Then take this handy-dandy Wojak Killerâ„¢

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