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My friend visited me with his PSX and Silent Hill, I was too scared to play that part after the house that suddenly gets dark in. After I changed games my friend said that Harry had to run to the school and when he gets there there is an evil man there who would try to rape Cheryl on a table.

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Team 3 slightly favored

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>Alone in the Dark created the survival horror genre

Technically, Resident Evil created the genre.

Before Resident Evil, such games like Alone In The Dark fell under the "action-adventure" genre, as in, AitD and its clone didn't have their own sub-sub-genre, they belonged to a much more broad sub-genre.

Resident Evil came up with the term "Survival Horror", it's in the text of the loading screen when you load a save. Journos picked it up, probably helped by Capcom's marketing, and that became a genre.
It also became a genre because the game was incredibly successful, influencial, and spawned many clones. AitD had a few clones, but not enough to warrant a new genre name.

However, it is true that AitD was the first game with the kind of mechanics that RE1's branch of survival horror is known for.
To my knowledge, AitD is the first video game ever to use 3D models within 2D pre-rendered backgrounds, especially with this type of camera angles. of course before AitD there were games with fixed cameras, but they were 2D games, and the type of camera angle wasn't the same at all.

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After replaying REmake and 0 just after having played 1/2/3, I think I finally nailed why I always have so much more fun playing 1/2/3 instead.

It's the controls, or rather the animations. 1/2/3 are tight, responsive, very fast. In REmake and 0, and ESPECIALLY in 0, all the animations have a bazillion frames and last forever, for character moves but also for enemies. The result *looks* smooth, but doesn't play as tight.
Too often it feels like I'm not in command because the game decided to showcase how many frames they could cram into an animation.
You know, when you missed a zombie headshot using the shotgun because the shotgun wasn't all the way up but in between? Fuck that shit.
Oh, and how long am I going to have to tap those buttons because the "enemy grabs me" animation lasts forever, it's not like it adds any tension, it's just boring.

A good example of technical advancement deteriorating gameplay. RE1/2/3 will always play better.

and 0 has it even worse with Rebecca and how they decided to give her insane recoil time between shots, especially with the handgun and the magnum. Useless bitch, because of their shit I have to play as some made up fag who's never seen again. They should have given her 2 more inventory slots to balance her better, which would have also helped with their stupid item management system.

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I was a big fan of the series since I was 10. I eagerly awaited CV.... I had to convince a friend so we could save up money together to buy a Dreamcast and the game. We sold many old console games for it.

Turns out the game was shit, and that came from a hardcore fan back then.
Also I used to go on the biggest RE fan forums back then and I wasn't the only one not liking CV.

I kept giving the game more chances, and everytime I replay I like it less. I genuinely believe anyone liking CV likes style of substance, the problem being that that "style" is Matrix and "bad guys want to conquer the world" bs, which is at the same time unoriginal and unfitting for RE.

But if the "style" was CV's only problem, I would actually like it. Everything about it is abyssimal, and most importantly, gameplay and atmosphere.

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