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I'm in the process of making cards and setting up the Room, I'll share the link when I'm done in case anyone is interested.

Unfortunately I'm doing so on an old computer that doesn't like keyboard shortcuts.

Printing would be fine if I changed how the Card Battle math worked to some simple dice rolls.
i.e. Roll 1d10 and try to roll under your Card Number.

But at that point you're going to want to mess with the rules a bit to make Strategy more relevant.
I think the Game is neat but it could use a bit of polishing.

You have to do these calculations for both the Attacker and Defender each time a card battle happens.

The only levity you have with it is Combo's just automatically go through and don't need to be recalculated.

What I have is for the Macro is:
X= Value of the Card(A being 11, B being 12, F being 15 etc)
(1d16-1)+(X*15+X) = Y
Y-1DY = Z

All it requires you to put in is the Value of your Offense or Defense for the first roll, and then the result of that in the second roll.

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