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I guess it depends on what sense you mean "better" in. I mean as a company they survived and thrived in a way Sega definitely didn't, so that's like a "win".
As a kid I mostly liked and played Nintendo, but that's really just 'cause second hand NES shit was most of what was available to me other than 90's indie scene games and demos on the PC. Having played them later on I think I would've enjoyed Sega games more on average. I certainly do now.

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Not uncommon. I got increasingly bored with video games at some point and basically stopped playing them for a good two years and some. I figured that's just being an adult or something and felt a little sad. At some point I downloaded a NES emulator on a whim and messed around with some older games, actually enjoying myself. Got a couple usb controllers, ended up ringing up the people living in the house I grew up in and digging around the cellar for my old NES & games and played them to death. Nowadays I've got a Mega Drive(which to me is an entirely new experience) and a bunch of games that I love to bits. It wasn't that I'd "grown up" in any appreciable way, but that modern games were all shit and boring.
and before any of you autismorific fagnuts start throwing a fit, yes I know it's subjective. shush
Maybe what could help you is a break, or playing the kinds of games you don't now or haven't for a long time. Did it for me, at least. Not to sound too much like an armchair psychologist, but it could also be other factors in your life/neurochemistry preventing you from enjoying things you used to. Best of luck, I hope you figure it out!

>Has any game in particular made you recover the enjoyment for video games?
Honestly it was probably a combination of multiple NES & PC Engine titles, but I distinctly remember playing Castlevania on a piece of shit usb NES replica controller and thinking "holy shit I'm having fun"

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looks cool!
seems a little stressful for an Outrun title. I swear I've heard this music sampled or redone somewhere

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No, but there is an adapter which allows you to play SMS games on a GG

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Your console is not different. It's just as shit as the others.

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different anon, show us the pix

if they no longer exist try and redo them from memory

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