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This series.

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long post inbound

I agree. The danger is in the game taking itself too seriously. This is what happened to FF with 7 and beyond. Had to happen but as time goes on I think it works against the series.

What I love about PS is that very sense of lightness and balance. The ending of PS2 is mildly depressing, but there was no other way to deal with those kinds of themes, environmentalism, technological slavery, etc in a completely lighthearted way.

PS1 is basically still just high fantasy with a space-opera gloss. But PS2 really gives you this sense of a futuristic world, and by the time you get to PS4 there's a basic theme there: the environment, biomonsters, all of that. I haven't thought much about 3 in a while...mostly blocked out of my mind. But there was untapped potential there too.

So I don't know. A reboot maybe? Not sure. But there are enough original or semioriginal ideas at work there to always have my attention.

Maybe I'm just contrarian. I love DQ of course and FF also. But anyways. Nostalgia-posting is basically what I'm here to do.

>tfw based robots vs environmentalist mega-arc though
>tfw collapsing planetary weather control device upsets balance of universe
>tfw ff6-esque World Destroyed act 2, leading to gathering rebel forces scattered between worlds
>tfw you must repair Mother Brain b/f DF devours the stars

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It pisses me off that I can't justify spending $100 on this amazing print (and even more to frame it)

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