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>muh graphics
Who said that? Are you telling me you would be unable to tell Shovel Knight apart from an actual NES game? (even if the aspect ratio and palette were made more authentic)

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Why can't modern games seem to emulate the feeling of retro games?

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> It's simply growing at a slower pace, therefore the rate at which games should be classified as retro should be slightly different.

First off I don't fully agree that it's growing at a slower rate. But for the sake of this argument I'll go along with that. We both agree we're no where near the ceiling of graphical fidelity, how fast we're getting there isn't as important.

The point is that graphics themselves are ultimately are only a small aspect of games and nowhere near the only metric to determine how dated or current one is. Just look at Shovel Knight. It was made to look like an NES game. There's even a version that can run on an NES. But playing it for even a few minutes it's very clear it's not a game of that era.

Graphics aren't everything.

When people complain about how much they think modern games suck, they're not talking about graphics. That's not what distinguishes these games. It's gameplay changes, social media stuff, online, micro transactions. There are far more than just graphics that define what era a game comes from. And that change isn't slowing down even a little.

Also while we're at it, let's remind ourselves what the word "retro" that's getting thrown around so much actually means. These old games we talk about aren't technically retro. Shovel Knight specifically is. Not to derail, but be more mindful choosing words.

Also this is important and shouldn't be overlooked. Video games are almost never about just rendering one character in an empty room. It's about creating an environment for them to exist in. The more processing power, the more complex that environment can be. Metal Gear Solid V is an easy example that large leaps are still being made.

And they will continue. I will accept anyone's challenge who wants to wager that MGSV won't look old and dated compared to the current video games of 2025. Or hell, even 2020.

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What does /vr/ think of Shovel Knight? Do you see it as a cash-grab and leeching of nostalgia or maybe a magnificent ode to the good old days?

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>just came out

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